Micro Ceramic Nozzle
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      Micro ceramic nozzles are the use of the gas flow to absorb parts, vacuum adhesion is the first
condition, it will be widely used in the semiconductor and electronics industries,
thehigh-tech industry has been moving in ultra-precision technology and
miniaturizationdemand, we have developed a variety of nozzles, and process
various size by OEM or ODM case, recently we use the varieties materials , such
as: ceramic, tungsten steel, PEEK, NBR .., and sell these products through many 
trade companies to Japan, China, South Korea and other countries.

       High-precision processing, based on our core technologies cutting, grinding
and polishing, our micro precision nozzles are used in various industries, like
semiconductor, industrial equipment, medical, R&D, etc. In order to meet custom
requirements, our nozzles are made of materials such as Tungsten Carbide or
Ceramic Zirconia, Alumina).