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Semiconductor - Vacuum Chuck

Production Information

Vacuum chuck

Vacuum chuck is a tight air seal holding power, application of these devices is limited to work pieces
that incorporate flat, non-porous surfaces. Manufacturing solutions are frequently for machine operators. In the metalworking sphere, this is secure and reliable work holding.

Horizontal and Vertical Milling Machines
Machining Centre’s with or without pallets
Turning Machines - Manual or CNC
Grinding Machines - Surface and Cylindrical
Engraving Machines
Measuring Machines
Special purpose machines and applications
Wafer transfer
Material: Stainless & Prous ceramic
Clamping with no distortion or clamping marks
Machining without vibration - thus preventing chatter marks
Machining area free of clamps for possible multi-surface working
Porous ceramic is a ceramic of which the material itself has numerous pores by the ceramic sintering technology and is used for a vacuum chuck.
In semiconductor (for silicon wafer dicing or finishing purposes), LED and display and others related process, the vacuum absorption technology with high precision and high performance is required to absorb ultra-thin objects.

It is very important for porous ceramic to have high porosity and maintain high strength. Especially in the area of semiconductor and display industry recently rising as an issue, porous ceramic should have even porosity and good surface roughness not to damage the object to absorb.

Porous ceramic vacuum chuck table or Polishing Chuck table are supplied to semiconductor industry for silicon wafer dicing or finishing purposes
We customize large products and many other shapes. We can provide applications and requests such as heater internal components, use of conductive materials etc.